Why you should use MS Teams
instead of email

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Digital comfort means you no longer have to worry about your packed inbox, full of emails you still have to reply to and sort. Emails are so time-consuming and stressful! What if we tell you it is possible to eliminate internal mails and keep your inbox free for external communication only?! Yep… it is possible because we are already doing it! 

Here is why you should stop using email and make the switch to Microsoft Teams, so that you and your colleagues can experience digital comfort at work. 

Microsoft Teams instead of email

Find the text version of the inforgraphic here: 

From email to Microsoft Teams

Why you should use Teams instead of email. 


You have to add tags and archive documents to keep your inbox organized.


Automatically stores shared files and documents in Teams and Channels. 

Both internal and external communication reaches your mailbox, which makes prioritizing and structuring hard.

Internal and external communication are divided thanks to Teams you create.

Unclear whether an email has been read and when to expect an answer.

Chat allows quick discussions and shows whether a person has seen your message.

Reminder or follow-ups end up in the same inbox.

@Mentions allow you to poke recipients for a quick update, follow-up,…

5 more reasons to use Microsoft Teams over email

  • Responsiveness in Teams in faster
  • Shared files are in one place with Teams
  • Keep everyone in the loop
  • More fun and informal (emojis en gifs)

Want to optimize your digital workplace by using less internal emails? We would love to give you some advice. 

See how easy it is to eliminate internal mails with Ishtar.Online

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Why you should use MS Teams
instead of email