What is new in Microsoft Teams?

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What is new in Microsoft Teams

COVID-19 changed the way we worked, and are still working. A platform like Microsoft Teams was the go-to for many organizations when working from home. Even though Microsoft Teams has been around for a few years, there were more people than ever before using the platform. This led to many suggestions for improvements and guess what? Microsoft listens to its users and was quickly to adapt! Here is what has changed since: 

Video call updates

3X3 screen

Finally! The update we have all been waiting on. Before, you could only see 3 screens during a video call. Those screens would switch between the people who are talking. Now, you can see up to 9 people at the same time and feel more connected! 

9 screens in Microsoft Teams

Raise hand

It is not practical when you are having a video call with the whole team and everyone is unmuting at the same time to speak. From now on, you can raise your hand during a meeting and wait for the speaker to give you the word. 

raise hand function in Microsoft Teams

Choose background

Not everyone has to see the decor of your house. That is why Microsoft Teams allows you to blur your background. And to make things a little bit more fun; imagine yourself in a very fancy home office, on the beach or even in a Minecraft game! 

Choose your background in Microsoft Teams

Attendee list

During an online meeting it is difficult to keep an overview of who attented the meeting, who didn’t show up or who left early. Now, you can download an attendee list and see exaclty who was in the meeting and for how long. 

Chat updates

Pop-up chat

Looking up things while chatting with someone can be frustrating because if you are browsing through teams your chat closes. Not anymore! Open your chat in a pop up window and do whatever you want on Teams while chatting with your colleague(s). 


Search within chat (or channel)

Finally! Ctrl + F allows you to search through your chats or channels to find specific conversations or files. 

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What is new in Microsoft Teams

What is new in Microsoft Teams?

COVID-19 changed the way we worked, and are still working. Even though...

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