Digital Comfort Factory

All the case studies discussed where realized at real companies. To guarantee privacy and to be able to tell a clear and detailed story we applied these use cases to our fictive company The Digital Comfort Factory.

Product Ishtar.Online

Ishtar.Online is a digital workplace that provides digital comfort at work and enhances the Microsoft environment by complementing it. Ishtar.Online is built on top of Sharepoint and fully integrates with Microsoft Teams, PowerBi and other indispensable items of the O365 hub.

The Digital Comfort Factory

The Digital Comfort Factory (DCF) is a fictional but representative enterprise with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The DCF has deployed Microsoft 365 Enterprise and is still updating and improving their digital environment. The DCF uses Sharepoint as their DMS and Microsoft Teams as their internal communication tool. They implemented Ishtar.Online about a year ago to upgrade their digital workplace. 

“The Microsoft environment has endless possibilities. We are on the right track but there are still a lot of opportunities left untouched. Ishtar.Online is helping us to take everything out of our MS 365 license so that we can boost our productivity and overall happiness at work.”

Jef, CEO at The Digital Comfort Factory

The overall goal of The Digital Comfort Factory is to provide the best digital workplace for their employees to increase efficiency and decrease frustrations at work. They want to enhance their Microsoft environment and get the most out of the apps and tools provided within their Microsoft license. They believe they can bring together employees, partners and data by using Ishtar.Online as their main portal for collaboration. This way, they can boost their productivity so that they can maintain a competitive advantage in a world of innovation and automation.

What did Ishtar.Online realize at The Digital Comfort Factory?
Find out through our case studies:

Our Case Studies

process automation

Automation of the entire Purchase Order process

By automating the SAP process for Purchase Orders they reduced 30% of their workload!

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Ishtar online x microsoft teams

Email-free internal communication with Ishtar.Online

How did the Digital Comfort Factory eliminate internal email and save 1 hour each week on administration?

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Automate project management with Time Registration

Find out how the Digital Comfort Factory was able to save 15% in presales costs!

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