Microsoft/Office365 offer an increasing number of -out-of-the-box tools and solutions. Companies embrace TEAMS intensively. With these new tools come new challenges. How do you easily find back information and data hidden in a growing number of teams? How do you automate and integrate mission critical processes in what you are already doing? How do you make sure users love and adopt the tools and apps?

This is why and where ISHTAR online provides the necessary DIGITAL COMFORT layer

Depending on the complexity of your organisation the technical implementation takes a maximum of two weeks. Subsequent adoption workshops take approximately 4 weeks.

ISHTAR online fully integrates in your current tenant. SharePoint files will be labelled with metadata as they are processed. Files that are stored on other locations will be uploaded to ISHTAR online as they are processed and labelled with metadata during the upload. Depending on the volume of files, an average SMB migrates all relevant files in 1 to 6 months.

ISHTAR online comes with on-line training modules and videos to get started. The focus in the design and concept of ISHTAR online is on your digital comfort. We also offer a full set of adoption workshops.

Support for companies adopting ISHTAR online is provided by certified resellers and online.

At the launch of Ishtar Online, there will be three flavours and pricing models: standard, comfort and delight.

At the launch, Ishtar Online will be available in English. Other language versions have not yet been scheduled.

Any valid professional Office/Microsoft 365 subscription is eligible. Home subscriptions are not.

As the name indicates, Ishtar Online only works on Office 365 SharePoint online tenants.

Enterprise customers can rely on their ICT partner of inside team to customize certain parts of Ishtar Online.

Yes, most functionality of Ishtar online is available through supported browsers on iOs and Android.

You can request a free demo of ISHTAR online through our certified partners and or get acquainted with the digital comfort via movies on our Website.

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