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ishtar x Microsoft Teams

The Digital Comfort Factory has been using Skype as their internal communication tool for years. However, since they are growing and opening new offices Jef, CEO of the Digital Comfort Factory, has noticed deadlines were being pushed back and mailboxes were overflowing. They could no longer manage the situation so Jef decided it was time to make the switch from Skype to Microsoft Teams. 

No internal emails for the Digital Comfort Factory

Next to Skype, the Digital Comfort Factory uses email as big part of their internal communication. However, many emails were left unread because of the overload, which created a bottleneck for projects. 

Instant messaging in teams

Believe it or not, but after switching to Microsoft Teams the Digital Comfort Factory was able to reduce the number of internal emails sent from 134 a day to 4 a day. How?

  • Projects are discussed in group chats so everyone involved gets a notification. This replaces sending emails and putting everyone manually in cc.
  • Tasks are immediately assigned to the right person via the Planner tool. This means no more reminders via email and all personal tasks are consolidated in Microsoft ToDo so employees can prioritize tasks themselves. 
  • Quick questions can be asked through private chat. No answer? @person and they get a new 
Microsoft teams chat

Automated governance in Microsoft Teams with to Ishtar.Online

To make sure Microsoft Teams was managed correctly, Jef opted for Ishtar.Online as their digital platform. Ishtar.Online is completely integrated with Microsoft Teams but offers extra features, such as integrated flows, to guarantee easy governance of Microsoft Teams.

“My biggest concern about implementing Microsoft Teams was the governance of this platform, as I have seen many organizations struggle with it. When we saw the possibilities of Ishtar.Online we knew we had to go for it."

Jef Maes, CEO at the Digital Comfort Factory

1. Teams Naming Convention

The biggest problem for the Digital Comfort Factory concerning governance was trying to maintain structure when employees are creating random or unnecessary teams, leaving the Digital Comfort Factory with an abundance of unused teams.


Ishtar.Online allows employees to create teams based on automated naming templates, guaranteeing structure.
For example: “PRO 123 –” will be automatically added to teams created for projects. 

Microsoft teams naming templates

2. Teams overview

Microsoft team overview

The Digital Comfort Factory had no idea how many teams there were and who was in which team.


With the company teams overview you can see all the existing teams; the members, the teams you own and the ones you can join. 

3. Meta data driven libraries in Teams


  • Documents got lost because Microsoft Teams is based on a folder structure where documents can easily be misplaced. 
  • Also, often multiple versions of  a document went around because in Microsoft Teams it is easy to send copies via chat.
  • When teams get deleted your documents are lost.


Ishtar.Online links its meta data driven libraries with Microsoft Teams. This means you can use meta data in Teams! Also, documents uploaded in Teams will automatically be stored in Ishtar.Online aswell, so when a team gets deleted the documents will be safe. 


Internal survey

Jef wanted to measure the results of these changes and sent a survey to the entire team. On average 1 hour per week per employee was saved on administrative tasks. The biggest gain was that people spent less time in their mailbox, the second biggest gain was the fact that less time was spent looking for documents.  Overall, Ishtar.Online improved the quality of work and lowered the stress-levels. 

ROI for the Digital Comfort Factory:

On average 1 hour per week per employee is saved on administrative tasks. 

  • internal email is (almost) non-existent
  • less time spend looking for documents 
  • lower stress-levels 

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