Digital Comfort means something different for everyone. It depens on you own personal needs and those of your company. Whether it is about smooth communication among teams, flexible access to documents or the ease of processes, feeling digitally comfortable is the ultimate goal. 

document management

The Digital Comfort Value ladder

Learn how your business can make its employees feel digitally comfortable by combining three essential steps and creating synergy between them.

Pillar 1:
Document Management

In this era of flexible workplaces, it is important
that your files are accessible from everywhere. 

Digital comfort: document management
  • Start online document management via a DMS in the cloud
  • Step away from a static folder structure and use meta data to store and consult documents
  • Find documents in the blink of an eye and never misplace them again

Pillar 2:
Process automation 

Administration is (unfortunately) inevitable and takes the focus away from the core activities of your business. 

Digital comfort: process automation
  • By automating easy and recurring administrative processes you can eliminate time-consuming, boring tasks
  • Start collecting data which allows you to calculate the exact cost of your administration
  • Stop sending Excel sheets back and forth

Pillar 3:
Efficient communication 

Being up to date with everything you need to
know with without feeling overwhelmed is what
internal communication is about.  

Digital comfort: efficient communication
  •  Internal mails are not the solution because they are slow, disruptive and often contain irrelevant information
  • Implement a communication tool that will allow unified and fast communication

The perfect digital workplace

By running through every step, you create
the perfect digital workplace. As a result,
a synergy between the three pillars
develops, making your online environment
even more efficient.

Digital comfort: digital workplace
  • You need an organized online environment where all documents are available and easy to find. 
  • You can reduce the workload by automating administrative processes so employees do not waste time.
  • Discourage internal emailing and implement the correct communication tool.

Ishtar.Online is build based on these three steps to create the perfect digital workplace where your employees can experience digital comfort

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