A custom digital platform offers so many benefits. Your employees are working with your digital platform for 8 hours a day! I am talking about platforms such as your intranet, document management system or your internal communication tool. If that digital platform is not aligned with your employer or organizational needs, you are not creating a work-friendly environment. While most organizations see customization of their digital platform as an extra feature, we see it as a must! Here is why…

a customizable digital platform


1. Fix your layout,
make your digital platform a nice place

Businesses pay a lot of attention to the look and the layout of external communication. For example: the monthly newsletter, ads on social media, brochures, mailings, … All of these need to look perfect before being send out. Understandable… but the same should be done for your internal communication. Your employees deserve the same level of fine-tuning your clients get. That’s why, as a manager or team leader, you have to make sure your internal digital platform is nice and appealing.

Your employees work with your company’s digital platform daily. Whether it is a document management system or an intranet, it is a platform your employees heavily consult on a daily basis. It goes without saying that these platforms need to look inviting, organized and pleasant. Your organization’s digital workspace is so important for the day-to-day activities of your business so make sure it’s an environment your employees love to work with. A pleasant layout motivates employees!

2. A digital platform to match with
your corporate identity

The corporate identity of your business can do so much more than make your business recognizable to the public!  It radiates the values of your business and reminds your employees of what your business stands for. By including the look and feel of your corporate identity into your digital platform you make the digital work environment personal. You make it yours!

It’s the perfect way to promote your company culture so that you employees will get used to it. After days and days of working on a digital platform that is totally aligned with the company’s values, employees will absorb the culture and that is the first step to turning them into ambassadors for you company’s brand.

3. Customize your platform to fit the needs
of your changing business

New opportunities, new directions, new employees, new work methods… Your business changes all the time and your digital platforms should be able to follow those changes and adapt. What if you create a new workflow or what if you change a new workflow? Your digital platform must allow you to easily add and change current flows. Your business is changing, so does your platform.

On top of that, you should be able to adjust your digital platform to the daily feedback you are getting. Optimization of your digital workplace is only possible if you listen to feedback ànd if you are able to apply this feedback.

4. Admin and user can customize

The admins are the people who make the decisions concerning intranets or other digital tools. How will the platform look, what will the homepage be like, how will the documents be divided,… The admins are the ones in control but is that necessarily a good thing?

The users will be the ones consulting the digital platform day in and day out. A platform is made for the users and every user is different. Every employee has documents they heavily consult, colleagues they regularly have to reach out to, … Each job and each person has their own needs and document requirements. So, what is the solutions? A digital platform that gives the opportunity to admins, as well as users to customize their platform. For example: the possibility to let individual users compose their personal homepage, next to the default page. It’s a way to increase relevance and make the platform user-friendly for each and every person individually.

5. A long-term solution

Choosing a digital platform is not only an invest moneywise, it also takes a lot of effort to implement the platform in your company and to get all the employees to work with it and understand it. So, ideally, a digital platform should last a lifetime in your company.

Be sure to use a platform that supports business updates and fundamental changes within your company. Be sure to use a platform that is a long-term solution because your business grows and along comes change. A platform, build to fit the needs of your company, will not fulfill the same requirements in two years’ time. That’s why your digital platform needs to be flexible and customizable.