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low-code and no-code development

How low-code and no-code development
can benefit your organization

Many organizations do not even consider automating or creating workflows themselves because it seems to difficult. So, the solution is outsourcing these activities to experts in programming. But what if we told you that creating your own workflows is not that difficult if your can use low-code and no-code development platforms!

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low-code and no-code development

A quick introduction to low-code
and no-code development

Did you know you do not have to be a developer to create automated processes or your own applications? With low-code and no-code development tools everyone can create workflows because it is that easy! Let us give you more information on low-code/ no-code development.

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from email to Mircosoft Teams

Why you should use MS Teams
instead of email

Digital comfort means you no longer have to worry about your packed inbox, full of emails you still have to reply to and sort. Emails are so time-consuming and stressful! What if we tell you it is possible to eliminate internal mails and keep your inbox free for external communication only?! Yep… it is possible because we are already doing it!

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metadata for document management

Why metadata is a must for your document management

Due to the digital transformation and the shift to flexible workplaces, more and more organizations manage their document online. But when the amount of documents keeps increasing it is easy to lose control of your online document environment. Here’s why metadata is an invaluable tool:

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