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What is new in Microsoft Teams

What is new in Microsoft Teams?

COVID-19 changed the way we worked, and are still working. Even though Microsoft Teams has been around for a few years, there were more people than ever before using the platform. This led to many suggestions for improvements. Here is what has changed since: 

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Microsoft Teams hub for Teamwork

The hub for teamwork in Office 365

Microsoft Teams is an amazing tool for communication and collaboration. We found some interesting numbers that show exactly what the postitive impact of implementing Microsoft Teams!

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low-code and no-code development

How low-code and no-code development
can benefit your organization

Many organizations do not even consider automating or creating workflows themselves because it seems to difficult. So, the solution is outsourcing these activities to experts in programming. But what if we told you that creating your own workflows is not that difficult if your can use low-code and no-code development platforms!

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