project management
with Time Registration

Enjoy a structured dashboard, calculate your presales costs and  push projects along the sales pipeline. 


According to Jef, CEO of the Digital Comfort Factory (DCF), his employees were struggling with keeping an overview of all the work put into projects which made it hard to calculate the exact price for their effortsOn top of thatJef wants to know how much his presales activities are costing him, as well as his internal marketing efforts.  

Welcome to Time Registration!

Project Management in Ishtar Online

The Time Registration app was the perfect solution for the Digital Comfort Factory. With this add-on for Ishtar.Online they can 

  • manage all their projects in a unified way,
  • automate cost calculations and
  • easily review relevant data to improve timeframes for future projects.
Manage projects with Time Registration

1. Fill out your agenda

In the weekly calendar employees track their daily activities and link them to specific projects and skills.

"After scanning the tools on the market, we knew we needed a tool that allowed us to divide our work into different skills, so that the hourly rate per skill could be configurable per client. The Time Registration tool of Ishtar.Online was a perfect fit! "

Jef Maes, CEO at the Digital Comfort Factory
Project management in time registration

2. View project status

Employees can find all the ongoing or finished projects, as well as important information about the project such as:

  • the client,
  • the project owner,
  • deadlines for specific action
  • and the status of that project
    (based on the Digital Comfort Factory’s sales pipeline).

3. Calculate exact costs

Based on the input in the weekly calendar  Jef can see exaclty how many hours his employees have worked on a project in a specific status . As a result, Jef can calculate the exact costs for each status of his sales pipeline


4. Checklist for actions

Each stage of the sales pipeline requires specific actions. These are all included in the form of a checklist. It gives an overview of what needs to be done to move projects further up the sales pipeline.

For example: In the inquiry stage a few meetings need to be scheduled and an offer should be send.

Time Registration data overview

All data is gathered in Sharepoint online so Jef always has an up-to-date overview on his computer of all the projects’ statuses, all the working hours, the costs per stage and the outstanding tasks.

5. Uncover hidden costs

A complete outline of all the data gives Jef the opportunity to analyze and upgrade working methods, as well as determine hidden costs. 

6. Improve workload estimations

Jef can compare the actual number of worked hours with the estimated number at the start of the project. In other words, the Time Registration overview allows the Digital Comfort Factory to improve its workload estimations for future projects.

ROI for the Digital Comfort Factory:

The Time Registration app revealed a hidden cost of 15% in presales which the Digital Comfort Factory can now pass on to its clients.

Do you want to upgrade your project management?

Together we can find out if Time Regstration is suitable for your organization. We can set up a call to answer your questions or an online meeting to introduce you to the Time Registration app. 

It is up to you! 

The Time Registration app is completely built with low-code platforms. Microsoft PowerApps is used to create the structure of the Time Registration app, Microsoft PowerAutomate is used within the PowerApps frame to create automated workflows and all data is gathered in Sharepoint online thanks to Microsoft PowerBI.

Join our Citizen Developer Workshops and learn how to work with: 

PowerApps, PowerAutomate and PowerBI. 
No experience needed! 

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