Ishtar.Online is your digital comfort provider

Document management, process automation and communication is not new. 
But one integrated platform for all is. Experience has taught us that it could be better, 
faster and simpler. 

In short, digital comfort as it should be. A platform that does what it promises, 
meanwhile tasted and approved by countless businesses. Less chaos, less stress, 
more security, faster and more efficient collaboration. 

Your success, that’s our mission, that’s what we’re committed to.



Recently we shared our experience and tips&tricks with newcomers to remote working in a webinar. 

Want to profit from our experience? Listen to the recordings here! 

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How to reach digital comfort in the workplace?


Ishtar.Online provides everything you need to get your
work done, in one platform. Achieve the perfect digital workplace,
where your employees can experience digital comfort

Everything you need in one app

Using an abundance of business tools

all-in-one digital workplace
personalized digital platform


Ishtar.Online is a fully customizable digital workplace.
You can customize Ishtar.Online to match with your
corporate identity.

Build your own homepage from scratch

Add your logo and choose your look&feel

Personalize homepage by selecting favorites

Platform feels intrusive

Mismatch with your corporate identity 


Ishtar.Online is a cloud-based solution which means
your documents are accessible online. 

Flexible workplace

Work, partially, offline

Everyone can work remote

Work from your vacation resort in Hawaii 

On-premise servers are expensive to maintain

flexible digital workplace
user adoption digital workplace


Ishtar.Online is build to be me easy and clear, allowing
everyone in your organization to feel comfortable
switching to Ishtar.Online

Strong focus on User Experience (UX) design

Easy to set up via the Admin Portal

Easy to work with

Complex online tools 

The perfect digital workplace

By running through every step, you create the perfect digital workplace. As a result, a synergy between the three pillars develops, making your online environment even more efficient.


  • You have an organized online environment where all documents are available and easy to find. 
  • Reduced workload by automating administrative processes so employees do not waste time.
  • Less disruption because less internal email and more efficient communication.  

Ishtar.Online is build based on these three steps to create the perfect digital workplace where your employees can experience digital comfort

Want to find out how your peers
are aiming for digital comfort?

We interviewed them for you!

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*We offer the licences for Ishtar.Online 3 months for free